Murray Schane, M.D.

Murray David Schane, M.D. is a psychiatrist who lives and practices in New York City.

He grew up in Detroit, Michigan and studied English literature and writing there and at the University of Chicago and then attended Stanford Medical School in California. After completing residency training in psychiatry and a fellowship in social psychiatry at Einstein College of Medicine in New York, he divided his career between private practice and community psychiatry where he worked as a clinician and a teacher, supervisor and director of psychiatric residency training in association with Columbia University where he held the title of Assistant Clinical Professor. He also had extensive experience as the forensic consultant to Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, a state hospital in New York.

He has written two feature articles, one on Lewis Opler, M.D., Ph.D the “father” of PANSS (the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale), which is the gold standard for schizophrenia studies, and another article on a now world-renown “outsider” arts program for the mentally ill, The Living Museum at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center.

Currently, in addition to his practice, teaching and writing, Dr. Schane is the President of the Board of Directors of MaleSurvivor, a national advocacy organization for men who have been sexually abused. He was the Editor of its quarterly newsletter, Men Speak Out and served on panning committtees for  the MaleSurvivor Biennial International conferences 2003-2014.

Dr. Schane is also on the faculty of the International Masterson Institute, an educational organization, which offers a three-year certification course in psychotherapy of the personality disorders, also involving treatment of psychological trauma. These courses and the case supervision he provides are offered via videoconferencing live in situ to post-graduate students in the USA, South Africa, Turkey, Canada, and Australia. Dr. Schane has given formal presentations relating to personality disorders in many national and international conferences, most recently on Sexual Abuse and the Developing Personality at the 8th World Congress for Psychotherapy in Paris, France, July 2017.




New York, NY




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